From North Of America Vol. 1

In Montréal, Procrastination Compilations on March 9, 2010 at 2:23 pm

So a few weeks ago I made a mixtape (mixcdr?) for a friend compiled from Montreal bands and a few who have members who are at or went to McGill. It seems appropriate that I post it here. I have entitled it “From North Of America Vol. 1” and it consists of 19 songs that serve as a good introduction to the Montreal/McGill music scene.

Artist – Song [Website]
1. Braids – Liver and Tan []
2. Postcards – Krayons []
3. Tonstartssbandht – Midnite Cobras []
4. The Pop Winds – In Harmony []
5. The Crown Vandals – Guenevere []
6. Silly Kissers – Halloween Summer []
7. Tonstartssbandht – Black Country []
8. Dirty Beaches – Low Rider []
9. Bent By Elephants – Mollie’s Song []
10. Omon Ra – Wilhelmson []
11. Homosexual Cops – I’m a Homosexual Cop []
12. Think About Life – Johanna []
13. Chef Brian – Promo 09.09 []
14. Coulees – Eat Apricots (Demo) []
15. The Hoof & The Heel – FIREWORKS []
16. Brave Radar – Brush Fire []
17. The Pop Winds – Elgin Stream []
18. Tonstartssbandht – Welsh Souper []
19. Braids – Lemonade []

DOWNLOAD this mix:

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  3. […] & The Heel have an excellent video for their fantastic song Fireworks (which was featured on Vol. 1 of the From North Of America compilation series). It was directed and edited by Bryan Schlam. Really nice style. It’s NSFW […]

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