This Past Week’s Shows: Braids, Surfer Blood, Silly Kissers And More

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3/10/2010 — NEON INDIAN, SILLY KISSERS, and BRAIDS at Le Belmont

Wednesday night I missed the Neon Indian (Austin, Texas), Silly Kissers (Montreal, Quebec), and Braids (Montreal, QC) show at Le Belmont.  Neon Indian is someone I’ve yet to really get into but there has definitely been a lot of blog buzzzzz surrounding this guy. Silly Kissers, who I’ll discuss in the Friendship Cove review below, would definitely have been good to see again too. Braids are one of my favourite Montréal based bands at the moment, so I was sad to miss the gig. They are playing again tonight (Friday, March 12), at La Sala Rossa with Clues, another Montréal band (who feature former Arcade Fire member Brendan Reed), so I’d advise you to make that one, though I’ll miss it again. Clues are treading the well worn ‘Montréal Buzz Band’ production line, so we’ll get round to them in a later post. Either way, we at Midday Procrastination are all super excited for the upcoming Braids album which is entitled “Native Speaker” and which guitarist Taylor Smith mentioned may be out sometime in May (and is officially finished as of March 12 according to their twitter). According to their Myspace, 2010 is going to be BIG, or at least repetitious (a joke…), and I believe it. Until then, I’d advise everyone to get their hands on Braids’ EP entitled Set Pieces, though the live experience is another level all together. I’ve previously posted two of their songs, “Liver and Tan” and “Lemonade” on the North Of America Vol. 1 compilation. Check them out.

I actually managed to make it to two shows last weekend, one Friday, March 5 at Il Motore with Turbo Fruits (Nashville, Tennessee) and Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, Florida) and the other Saturday, March 6 at Friendship Cove with High Rise II (Montreal, QC), RatTail (Toronto, Ontario), Homosexual Cops (Montreal, QC), Makeout Videotape (Vancouver, British Columbia), and Silly Kissers (Montreal, QC).

3/5/2010 — TURBO FRUITS and SURFER BLOOD at Il Motore

Il Motore is always a great place to see a show. I’d only recently checked out Turbo Fruits, so I was enthusiastic to check out how the songs “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain” and “On The Road” (both heavy on repeeeat), would come across live. Conclusion: Turbo Fruits put on a VERY fun and energetic set. The crowd wasn’t giving the music the full ‘bounce and jump’ it could have warranted, though people did seem to be digging it (there were a few kids leading the mosh up at the front, to which I joined momentarily, only to leave just as fast). I had a nagging feeling that if they played at Friendship Cove it would have been an incredible set. Regardless, it was a great set especially “Mama’s Mad…” which is a real jam. Surfer Blood came on shortly after. While I think their album ‘Astro Coast’ is pretty solid, I wasn’t “blastin'” it everyday. I was energetically surprised by their set then, the highlights being “Twin Peaks” (“WHY IS EVERYTHING A CHORE”), “Swim (To Reach The End)” and “Take it Easy”.  An impressive set made even better considering they only have one full length and one seven inch, which can be purchased here. Overall a solid Il Motore show, and I’d see them both again.


BIG night for Montreal music here, and Canada in general. (Second only to the Olympic Gold in Men’s Hockey at home.) As always, Friendship Cove put on a great show. The first opener, High Rise II, is a covers/tribute act to Japanese Psychedelic/Noise band High Rise. The band is made up of the ubiquitous (in the best way possible) Montreal-based Tonstartssbandht brothers Andy and Edwin White on guitar and drums, respectively, and Jesse Hicks on bass. They ran a punked-out-shirtless-noise-fest. Fast, fucked up waves of noise blasted from the speakers. See them before you don’t. High Rise II don’t to have any releases (which makes sense) but Tonstartssbandht have MANY, including a 7 inch coming out soon on Psychic Handshake that has two of their best songs, re-recorded: “Midnite Cobras” and “I’m A Welsh Souper” on the A side and “unreleased psych burner ‘Electric Dragon Sword'” on the B side (thanks Weird Canada). The two brothers have several other projects and run two record labels, Black Cheeks and DŒS ARE which both sell music for the very reasonable price of $5. I recommend picking some stuff from and by them.

The next band to play was RatTail. There is some debate amongst us over this band. I’ll say this: I liked the music a good amount. The singing was not my favorite thing about them. They were very excited to be playing and maybe a little bit drunk, but they had a good time on stage and the crowd was into it. Even though they were not my favorite band that played Saturday night, that’s not saying all that much because the rest of the bands were dominating. RatTail have a 7 inch coming out Spring 2010 on Unfamiliar Records (the label that Japandroids once called home).

The next band to play was the extremely fun and well-loved Homosexual Cops. The crowd went absolutely nuts during their set, to the point where most people where shirtless and messed up.  Homosexual Cops are two cousins, Michael Farsky and Jason Harvey, having a great time singing/shouting out hilariously great lyrics about being homosexual cops (“I’m A Homosexual Cop” – which it appears on the first From North Of America mix). Their energy was inspiring, contagious, and ridiculous, and all in equal measure.

The fourth band to play was Makeout Videotape, the first of the back-to-back “pulling” related bands. They were a LOT of fun. They even managed to work the already worked up crowd into another fury; when the band commanded that “Everyone get naked!” at least one dude took their request seriously… Overall it was a great set, I’d see them again. They’ve got a couple more shows in the rest of Canada working their way back to Vancouver by the end of April. They’ll be back in Montreal April 3rd playing at La Sala Rossa with You Say Party! We Say Die! They’ve also got a 7 inch coming out on Unfamiliar Records on March 23 which I’ll be sure to pick up.

The final band to play was Silly Kissers, who also have a song featured on the From North Of America mix. Right before they went on I briefly spoke to the singer, who was very friendly, and who apparently was suffering from pneumonia, which is no joke–that’s pretty serious. You wouldn’t really have known it watching them play though. They had some technical difficulties but they played with a lot of energy, the singer even ended the set going crazy in the crowd. Their jam “Halloween Summer” was the highlight of their set, a genuinely incredible pop song (with a creepy but endearing music video). They’re playing again April 8th at Il Motore with Washed Out and Small Black, so see them then if you haven’t already. In total, Saturday night turned out to be one of the best shows I’ve seen at Friendship Cove thus far (the Wavves show there was legendary, even though I can’t say I dig Wavves all that much, but hell, No Hope Kids and So Bored are definitely fun songs and Zach Hill’s drumming was phenomenal). // Good times, for sure. //

–More info and some downloads from Silly Kissers here, here, and here (big thanks to

EDIT—Even more Silly Kissers songs can be found here (real big thanks to

Surfer Blood – “Twin Peaks” from the album Astro Coast, pick it up here

06 Twin Peaks by middayprocrastination

Turbo Fruits – “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain” from the album Echo Kid, pick up their releases and download three songs for free here

04 Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain by middayprocrastination

(Email us at: middayprocrastination AT gmail DOT com if any of this makes you feel a bit uncomfortable and we shall rectify the situation.)

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