Wake up sepia-head: ‘BTSTU’ by Jai Paul

In London and the UK, Song Reviews on March 16, 2010 at 2:12 am

1. We know reverberated harmonies are big now.

2. We know distorted bass is big now.

3. We know melodies which are satisfyingly major-key are big now.

4. We even know video-game-inspired music is big now.

But so does Jai Paul, and he seems ridiculously satisfied with the way things are now. On BTSTU he builds slowly from 1 to 4. All inclusive. You have to love it. Try not to. He dares you; ‘Don’t fuck with me’.

Play this late at night, indoors, when life is satisfying, but borderline colourless. You will not be jerked stupidly out of your contentment, but you may just start to think about the dawn. And number 5.

Download BTSTU for free just below, or from his myspace.

  1. […] Paul, who we previously covered here, has been making some massive bug-tings rounds on the blogowebsphere in 2010, even since he dropped […]

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