Tomorrow At Friendship Cove: Interracial Love Triangle, Holy Cobras, Hell Shovel, and Teenager

In Gigs, Montréal on March 19, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Tomorrow, March 2o, Friendship Cove will be the host to another pretty serious show that is being co-presented by two great show promoters, Blues Skies Turn Black and The Pirates of The Lachine Canal. This time the bands come from three different Canadian provinces, but they are connected by either Telephone Explosion Records or Campaign For Infinity (download their music here), or both. Interracial Love Triangle, the first band, come from Manitoba. They’ve got another show at Friendship Cove on April 10. The next band, Holy Cobras, are from Ottawa, Ontario. They’ve got a few releases and a seven inch coming out soon on Telephone Explosion records. They’re playing a few more shows in the rest of Canada. Hell Shovel, the next band on the lineup, are from Montreal, Quebec. They’ve got a couple releases out on Telephone Explosion records. The final band, Teenager (not to be confused with The Teenagers), are from Toronto, Ontario. They’ve got a ton of shows coming up but only one more in Canada (March 26 in Toronto). In April they will be playing across the mostly Eastern part of the United States, including a show in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the fun-as-hell Turbo Fruits (who we’ve previously written about here). They’ve got a new album coming out March 23 called “Give Me Pink”. To avoid you having to experience yourself the awkward situation I just went through in searching for the album cover and where to buy it (don’t google ‘teenager give me pink’ unless your going to put quotes around it..and even then you probably shouldn’t), all the relevant info can be found below or on their myspace. This promises to be an entertaining show and a good time overall. A review to follow if one or more of us make it out to the show.

Teenager - Give Me Pink



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