Tomorrow In Montreal: Against Me!, Girl Talk, Pop Winds, and Grimes

In Canada, Gigs, Montréal on March 23, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Big day/night tomorrow, 3/24 (shit, almost today). Four shows to choose from:

The first two involve Against Me!. The first of those is a FREE ACOUSTIC show at Foufounes at 2pm. WOAH! Last time I heard anything about an acoustic Against Me! (or Tom Gabel, the singer) show THIS is what happened. I was at that show and I will certainly be at this one, so I’m excited. Okay okay so maybe their new stuff is not NEARLY as good (or at least the same) as anything from Reinventing Axl Rose LP or the Crime As Forgiven By… EP but they still put on great shows, if kids going nuts with sheer enthusiasm is your idea of a good time.

The other show Against Me! is playing is with Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, and Cancer Bats at Centre Bell. I will not be going to this because it is $40 at the cheeeapest so nope, not going to happen. Plus I have zero interest in the rest of the bands playing.

So if you’re like me and you don’t want to pay that much or see those bands, you have at least TWO more choices for your evening. Your first, if you are a McGill student, that is, is to go see Girl Talk play at Metropolis. I believe there are still tickets available at the SSMU building but there MAY be tickets available at the door. Hollerado, who hail from Manotick, Ontario, are opening this show and, oddly enough, the Titus Andronicus show at The Green Room on April 10. I cannot say enough good things about Titus Andronicus so I will reserve myself in this post, and just leave more info for a another time (but DEFINITELY pick up their two albums, The Airing Of Grievances and their new album The Monitor). Back to Girl Talk: That is gonna be a wiiiild time for sure and I’m still trying to rationalize why I might not go to see this madness.

Yet another option is to see great music that comes from none-other-than Montreal (McGill, for that matter) by heading to The Green Room and seeing Pop Winds and Grimes. Steve wrote about both these bands, Pop Winds here and Grimes here, so read up, give a listen and go see some great music. Pop Winds are playing across Ontario in April with fellow Montreal-based musicians Silly Kissers and Sean Nicolas Savage. Grimes put on a brief but brilliant show at Gerts last Wednesday and I’m sure we can expect that same brilliance, only extended in presentation length, again tomorrow night.

Decisions, decisions…choose wisely, but definitely don’t miss out on a great day/night of music.


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