Neptune – Gong Lake

In Album Reviews, New England on March 26, 2010 at 10:34 am

In the vein of loving your scene, I had to post this. Boston based punk/noise band Neptune, after almost a decade and a half of obscurity, seems to finally be getting some love from the interwebs for their newest album ‘Gong Lake’.

Over the 14 years since their inception, Neptune has released all sorts of records, but before Gong Lake, they were hardly mentioned outside of their merch table and the people who were already their fans. Over time they have steadily gotten tighter and tighter as a band, and at this point, basically every note on the album sounds perfectly placed without losing the feeling of experimental improvisation that you get at a good noise concert. Gong Lake is in no way a departure from Neptune’s reputation for making super mucky sounding punk, but they seem to have dropped some of their penchant for home-made instruments on this one.

Unfortunately they just finished a tour so unless you are near Boston you probably won’t be seeing any of their (reportedly) killer live sets for a bit. For now, a few intriguing videos and Gong Lake will have to do, but hopefully they’ll be out and about soon enough.

Edit: Apparently when Neptune’s ‘Intimate Lightning’ came out in 2004, Pitchfork liked it a bunch.


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