Cool World Present Gaydream Nation

In Choice Cuts, Montréal, Worldwide on March 27, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Cool World - Gaydream Nation

This is not a review (but when I get my hands on the whole album there likely will be one) but rather a heads up to check out a fantastic band called Cool World and their new release entitled Gaydream Nation. Cool World are from Providence, Rhode Island and are made up of Sean O’Loane and Nick Carter. Gaydream Nation is being put out by DŒS ARE, one of two labels run by Andy and Edwin White of Tonstartssbandht. Cool World, not unlike their labelmates, play great fuzzzzed out music, but this time the songs are entirely instrumental. It absolutely works. These songs are blistering fuzz-rock at some of its most fun. Sean & Nick from Cool World and Andy from Tonstartssbandht have put out music on Does Are and Black Cheeks, the other Tonstartssbandht-run label, as Superbud. Check out some songs, below, and be sure to pick some tapes and cdrs from both labels, especially Gaydream Nation.

Cool World – Dream Shake by middayprocrastination

Cool World – Heavy Pets by middayprocrastination

Superbud – Nile by middayprocrastination


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