Beach House Is Playing Tomorrow

In Gigs, Montréal, Worldwide on March 28, 2010 at 8:49 pm

And I’m not going. It’s at La Sala Rossa, which is a venue that I like quite a bit. Arnold, Kat, and I saw Jay Reatard there and he was fantastic (genuinely sad shit right there…) Anyway, I love the new Beach House album, Teen Dream, but I did not get a ticket for this show and it has been sold out for a few weeks now so I’ll have to just blast their new album while fighting back some tears. They’re playing a bunch more (mostly sold out) shows over the next two months, including a stop the next day at the Opera House in Toronto (sold out!) and one at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on April 11th (NOT YET sold out!! but it’s 19+ which kinda sucks, as well as being on the entire other side of the continent). So if you’re in the area (or check their myspace for other not-yet-sold-out shows, such as Milwaukee, Omaha, Dallas, Birmingham, etc) I strongly recommend you skip your typical night’s activities and gooo see them!

Beach House

Opening tomorrow’s show is New Zealand native Annabel Alpers, who makes music under the name Bachelorette. Her songs feeel a little bit like Beach House while definitely not sounding a whole lot like them, which would make the combo of these two bands live all the better. Her stuff has really been growing on me lately, especially ‘Her Rotating Head’ (video below). She’s also got a ton of shows coming up, including opening for Beach House throughout most of April. Then she heads over to Europe for the end of April and almost all of May. She would definitely be fun to see live so I’d recommend making it out to one of her shows, Beach House or no Beach House.


If you’re going to this or any other Beach House or Bachelorette show then enjoy, I wish I could.

Purchase Beach House’s new album, Teen Dream, here.

Purchase Bachelorette’s new album, My Electric Family, and the 7 inch for ‘Do The Circuit’ here.

Below is a video of Beach House playing Zebra, one of my favorite songs off the new album (the audio quality isn’t great but it looks pretty sick), and the weeeird but awesome music video for Bachelorette’s ‘Her Rotating Head’.


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