Technicolour That!

In Choice Cuts, London and the UK, New England, Worldwide on March 30, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Can technicolour be a verb? It can now. Brooklynites Sensual Harrasment have turned a high power hosepipe on electro-shoegaze  and SOAKED it in echo. Just like the 60s ‘are’ technicolour because that’s the only way this era can see that era, so leisurely-reverb recalls-harmonies recalls-Beach-Boys. The harmonies, like the real colour of the world, have always been there. That doesn’t mean this doesn’t sound like a whole-lotta-fun; Sensual Harrasement just scream Technicolour Epic!! Which can only be a good thing. This is the The Big Pink for Summer.

I would post a track, but the best one’s only on da myspace. So check it here. And listen to ‘Fever’.


In the same vein as above, check out this surfed up slammer ‘Surf Slang’ by London based Mutanimals:


Download Weed Diamond’s EP for free here. I mean seriously. Do it. ‘Snowmelt’ perfectly sums up this blog post. The snow has melted and summer is coming. Woop!

ps. we’ll stop with all this electro and fuzz soon. maybe when it stops screaming summer to us. And god knows I’m loving all these early 1960s swimsuit models who keep cropping up everywhere, like in Summer Camp’s video.

pps. Listen to ‘Fever’!


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