April Shows BONANZA

In Canada, Celebrate Your Scene, Features, Gigs, Montréal, New Jersey, Worldwide on April 1, 2010 at 2:47 pm

No foolin’, April’s gonna be WILD. There are over 20 shows going in just under two weeks, and there is at least one every day from April 2 to April 12.

Here are your options:

Friday, APRIL 2

Decision: I’ve got a ticket for the Japandroids show and I’ve very excited. Arnold and I saw them before at Le Divan Orange and they were great. No regrets.

Saturday, APRIL 3

Decision: I’ve got a ticket for the Nosaj Thing, jj, and xx show and I’m excited. If I wasn’t going to that I’d definitely hit up La Sala Rossa because I’m biiig into Braids and Makeout Videotape were great last time Arnold, Steve, and I saw them and I’ve heard good things about You Say Party! We Say Die! live shows.

Sunday, APRIL 4

Decision: Not sure yet. Two solid bands so it’s a real possibility.
Monday, APRIL 5

Decision: Hmm, probably Acid Mothers Temple but no final decision as of yet.

Tuesday, APRIL 6

Decision: No idea yet. Two pretty different shows, we’ll see.

Wednesday, APRIL 7

Decision: Probably the Sean Nicholas Savage, Indiensoci, Crown Vandals, and Devon Welsh show though it would be a small shame to miss Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Thursday, APRIL 8

Decision: I’m probably going to this one. Silly Kissers were great last time and I like Washed Out a good amount. I’ve still yet to give Small Black enough of a listen but I like what I’ve heard so far.

Friday, APRIL 9

Decision: If that Nickelback show was free I’d almost definitely be there but since it is not (EVEN CLOSE) I will likely go to see Defragmented performed by Marko Timlin and thenumber46 at 185 Van Horne.

Saturday, APRIL 10

No decision to make here, Titus Andronicus are easily one of my favorite bands and I will not be missing them.

Sunday, APRIL 11

Decision: Not sure. Could be a good time but I’m not sure if I’ll go.

Monday, APRIL 12

Decision: Best Coast are alright and No Joy sound pretty good so it’s a possibility.

These fantastic shows are being put on in large part thanks to:

Blue Skies Turn Black

The Well Montreal

The Pirates Of The Lachine Canal

Pop Montreal

And all the venues who put on these great shows

Have a great time the next few weeks and try to catch some good shows.

  1. I don’t think you can put a price tag on seeing Nickelback. They’re easily the highlight act of the list you just put out.

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