Last Night at Il Motore

In Canada, Gigs, Montréal, Worldwide on April 3, 2010 at 4:59 pm


Last night we saw The Two Koreas, Love Is All, and Japandroids at Il Motore. It was a grrreat time. As per usual at Il Motore, the crowd was doin’ the stand-still during the first two bands, which I suppose is alright since most people came exclusively to see Japandroids. But in a way, this is a bit of a shame. Not all music is made for moving around, but The Two Koreas and Love Is All both certainly don’t fall into that category of playing music you just ‘absorb‘.

The Two Koreas were solid. They played with a good amount of energy, especially the singer, who came into the crowd a few times in an attempt to either rile things up a bit or at least to enjoy himself. They played a good set, upbeat songs, no real complaints.

Love Is All came on next and they were GREAT. Every song was fuuun. One of the highlights was when they played one of my favorite songs from their new album called ‘Kungen’ which is, according to their singer Josephine Olausson, about her seeing the King of Sweden in her home town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Another highlight was ‘Sea Sick’ from their first album which has the great line: “I’m bored to death onboard this ship.” Their whole set I just remember thinking that they should be headlining their own shows. They’ve got the energy and, more importantly, the songs to do it. It’s not that they’re better than Japandroids but may it’s just that it’s too stacked a bill with both of them playing. Maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten really into Love Is All recently but I think even the rest of the audience, despite not doing much moving, was pretty into them. I’d see them again anytime, and hopefully I will. They’ve got two albums, their first is called A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night and their newest, which came out this year, is called Two Thousand And Ten Injuries. I plan on formally picking both up soon because they are too good not to have.

Japandroids rounded out the show and I could tell from the second that Love Is All’s set ended, when kids came crashing up in front of the stage, that this was going to be a helluva show. And it was. Basically from the second they started playing their jams compiled from their album Post-Nothing, their new single, Art Czars, and one or two older songs (which come from their first two EPs, ‘All Lies’ and ‘Lullaby Death Jam’, and are being being re-released together as No Singles), to when they closed their set with a cover of McLusky‘s ‘To Hell With Good Intentions” (which is also going to appear on the No Singles LP) they, and a good amount of the audience, lost their cool, in the best way possible. Arnold and I had seen them before but this time may have been even better. They played hard and pretty much everyone seemed to have a good time.

These aren’t from yesterday’s show but they basically could have been:


Nosaj Thing (Los Angeles, California),  jj (Sweden), and the xx (London, UK) at Metropolis [SOLD OUT]

If you don’t have a ticket for that, go see Braids (Montreal, QC), Makeout Videotape (Vancouver, BC), and You Say Party! We Say Die! (Vancouver, BC) at La Sala Rossa [$13advance/$15door]

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