New Music From The National, LCD Soundsystem, and Broken Social Scene

In Canada, Features, Gigs on April 19, 2010 at 9:10 pm

This is the time of year when a lot of the big releases we were expecting are finally coming out. The past week or so The National, LCD Soundsystem, and Broken Social Scene have allowed their albums to be streamed online because (mostly) l0w-quality leaks have come out and these bands want you to hear their music at the quality they were meant to be heard. It’s an interesting strategy and I would be curious to see how it affects leak downloads and purchases.

The National - High Violet

So as I have just been alerted, The National, one of my favorite bands, are going to be streaming their newest album, High Violet, on starting April 23. Okay, I can probably wait. If you go to their website you can get a taste for the new album by downloading the new song, ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ for free. It sounds like it could almost fit on Alligator but not quite. It’s not a great step forward and I don’t love it but it’s very good. It’s moody as ever, but a little more upbeat than usual, especially more upbeat than 2007’s Boxer. The lyrics are a little bit cryptic but they’re good. The music is full sounding but doesn’t get too busy. I’d like to hear it in the context of the whole album before I make further judgment though. It’s good enough to get me excited even though it follows in the pattern of a lot of the first new songs I’ve heard from upcoming albums being initially disappointing (see ‘Drunk Girls’ from LCD Soundsystem, which I’ll have more to say on later). High Violet comes out May 11 an is available for pre-order from Insound or from “these fine independent retailers” ((Their second LP, the one before Alligator, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers is being reissued on vinyl and it is no longer available on Insound but Brassland does appear to have copies, order QUICKLY if you want it, it’s limited to 500 copies). They’ve got a bunch of shows coming up, including two at Massey Hall in Toronto June 8th and 9th. Check the rest of their touring schedule here.

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

LCD Soundsystem is streaming their new album, This Is Happening, on their site also apparently to combat its being leaked to the public. More to come on this album soon but right now I’d say ‘Dance Yrself Clean‘, ‘Drunk Girls’ (awesome video below), ‘All I Want‘ and ‘I Can Change‘ are great songs (Drunk Girls has really grown on me despite me initial misgivings…). It’s a very good album overall, made up mostly of longer songs which I’m okay with, ‘All My Friends‘ was always one of my favorite LCD Soundsystem songs. Pick up the new album, This Is Happening, here. They’re playing a bunch of shows, check our their tour plans here, which includes a stop June 24th at Metropolis in Montreal and at Koolhaus in Toronto on June 25.

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

Right now NPR is streaming the new Broken Social Scene album, Forgiveness Rock Record, which I like A LOT. Three times through and my favorite songs are ‘World Sick‘, ‘Texico Bitches‘, ‘All to All‘, ‘Meet Me In The Basement‘, and ‘Sentimental X’s‘. It’s a bit of a grower, I was not so into it at first but now I can genuinely say it’s very good. You can pre-order the album from their website, and you’ve got a few different choices, including the very tempting seven 10″ records for the very unreconcilable $125. The 2xLP is $20, which is much more doable. Or there’s the CD+Digital Download for the very reasonable $12 or if you just want to hear it and don’t want anything physical, you can get the digital download for the exceptionally reasonable price of $9. They’re playing a bunch of shows starting in May and going throughout the summer, including a bunch in Europe and oddly enough only one confirmed so far in Canada, at Olympic Island in Toronto on June 19th. Check their whole tour schedule here.


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