Chimurenga Pt. 3

In Choice Cuts, Worldwide on April 20, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Find Chimurenga Pt. 1 Here, and Pt. 2 Here.

SO, none of this music is actually Chimurenga Music. This was something I always knew was going to happen, but, the name still stands; Chimurenga means struggle in Shona, and if we divide human life into Struggle or the Absence of Struggle, this music always applies. (See what I did there.)

Today’s theme is (loosely) ‘Backgrounds to Vampire Weekend’. Of course, Vampire Weekend draw from many and various different styles of music, but the reason I first started listening to them was that they were influenced by many of the African sounds I love.

The first two songs are from my own collection. Guitar based, they are the sort influences I noticed straight away in the Weekend’s work. The first song ‘Edinya Benya’ by Hedzoleh Soundz, shares an almost identical guitar sound and style to the songs on ‘Vampire Weekend’. The second song ‘Bara Riano’, is actually a duet between Madagascan Guitarist D’Gary (check him out for sure) and Flamenco Guitarist Miguel de la Bastide. In that sense it is not strictly ‘straight-from-the-bush’, but it shows the type of sounds that are produced when two worlds collide, and it is really beautiful.

The last song, ‘Do Me Justice’ by palm-wine guitarist S.E. Rogie, however, comes to me via a friend, and its sound is so similar to Vampire Weekend’s it cannot be counted as an influence anymore: Music is Theft!

Edinya Benya by Hedzoleh SoundzDownload Here

Bara Riano by D’Gary and Miguel de la BasideDownload Here

Do Me Justice by S.E. RogieDownload Here


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