Not Going Back: Arthur Baker Remixes Cold Cave

In Choice Cuts, Song Reviews, Worldwide on April 21, 2010 at 5:15 pm

When someone claims that some song “could be THE GREATEST FUCKING THING WE HAVE EVER HEARD,” it’s hard not to take notice. So what is this song being referred to? In this case, it’s Arthur Baker‘s remix of Cold Cave‘s jam ‘Life Magazine‘ (video also below). Is it worthy of this bold statement? Well, maybe. You’ll have to take a listen for yourself to decide but it is a HUGE JAM.

First off, let’s talk about Cold Cave. They come from Philly but are now based in New York City. Their music is synth pop at some of its moodiest and catchiest. Their 2009 album, Love Comes Close, was on repeat for a lot of last summer, especially the song from which the album gets its name. ‘Love Comes Close‘, the song, has some great lines, musically (simple but brilliantly effective) and lyrically (“Everything’s changing to remain the same” or the chorus “Love comes close but chooses to spare me / Death comes close but ceases to take me”). The next song on the album is ‘Life Magazine’, the track of interest. What sticks out most is the synth line, which is nothing short of great. And the repetition of the line “I’m not going back” really seals the deal. So what good could a remix do? Surprisingly, it’s turned into a possibly even better song by extending it and throwing some some distorted synths in there. It’s a bit of a slow build, but man it killls. It becomes a very dancey song that would not sound out of place in a good club and probably sound even better with club speakers blasting it. But it would definitely work for any party or gathering of people, no matter how large or small. It’s just a fun and catchy song that has enough substance to keep it from being mindlessly so.

Arthur Baker

Now a little on Arthur Baker. He comes from Boston, Massachusetts but moved to New York to DJ. He worked with New Order back in the day and is probably most famous for his work on Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force’s ‘Planet Rock‘. He’s also worked with Hall and Oates (including a remix for their classic song ‘Method of Modern Love‘), Bob Dylan, and Little Steven Van Zandt. My favorite thing about Arthur Baker though, other than his genuinely awesome remix of Cold Cave’s ‘Life Magazine’ is this quote credited to him in reference to his DJing days in New York, “[If] I didn’t get a good reaction on a record, I’d just rip it off, break it up and throw it on the dancefloor.” GUTSY! but I respect it.

This remix, as well as three other remixes of ‘Life Magazine’, by Optimo (Espacio), Pantha Du Prince (EDIT: it’s HERE and it’s GREAT), and Prurient (which promises to be HARSH and NOISEY), is coming out on a 12″ on June 22 via Matador. Hear the original version above and the SICK Arthur Baker remix below.



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