Arcade Fire Are BACK!

In Canada, Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, Montréal on May 17, 2010 at 9:11 pm

I’m sure you’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again, but the Arcade Fire, one of Montreal’s best and most celebrated bands, are BACK! Well, they will be soon. Details are slim and slowly leaking out (then being rejected, only later to be confirmed…). But what we know is this: a postcard (below) from the band to ‘The Internet’ is on their site and it speaks of a new 12″ coming out soon, ‘God willing’.  Their new single, set to come out June 1, God willing, will have two songs, ‘Suburbs’ and ‘Month of May’. It may or may not be from their fairly hush-hush project with director Spike Jonze. Either way, new Arcade Fire is reason enough to be excited. It was on Amazon, then taken down, but now it’s back up for eager fans (such as myself) to purchase. A new album is also expected sometime in the relatively near future. This has not been confirmed (and normally we’re not such gossssipers), but word has it that their producer, Markus Darvs (who also produced their 2007 album Neon Bible), called it the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard. All this excitement is to be embraced by the band as they embark on a mostly festival tour of North America and Europe this summer. As of now, they’ll be in Sweden (Dalhalla), Norway (Hove Festival), Belgium (Rock Werchter), Ireland (Oxygen), Canada (Ottawa Blues Fest and Osheaga in Montreal, which looks reallly good), the US (Chicago for Lollapalooza), the UK (Leeds Festival and Reading Festival) France (Rock En Seine), Germany (Tempodrom), and Italy (at Arena Parco Nord). It’s not much, but it’s probably enough for any big Arcade Fire fan (such as myself) to find an opportunity to see them this summer. To purchase tickets head over to their ‘Shows’ page. Postcard below.

Arcade Fire Postcard (Front)

Arcade Fire Postcard (Back)

Are you ready?


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