New Arcade Fire Is Very Good

In Canada, Celebrate Your Scene, Choice Cuts, Montréal on May 26, 2010 at 4:56 pm

Thanks to One Thirty BPM, you can now listen to radio rips of the new Arcade Fire single, “The Suburbs” / “Month Of May”. My initial reaction? ‘The Suburbs’ is very very good. It’s got an upbeat folk feel to it, and with the singing and strings you know it’s an Arcade Fire song. While it doesn’t have the upbeat excitement of something like Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), it’s still a very solid first glimpse of their new material. I’ve listened to it three times in a row so far and it’s gotten better each time. However, the track labeled ‘Month Of May’ on that blog is actually just a version of ‘The Suburbs’ that is cut off after 3 minutes and 40 seconds. We’ll see, that will probably pop up soon enough. Based on this song alone though, I have high expectations and I’m very excited for the new album. They’ve got a couple (mostly festival) shows coming up soon, which we wrote about originally here.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs / Month Of May

UPDATE: 107.7 The End has both songs on their site (just for listening). So now that I’ve heard ‘Month Of May’, here are my thoughts: it’s very good. I’m not blown away by it, but I do like it a lot. What I like most is the guitar or whatever that is in the background making that deep, distorted sound. It’s a very cool sound. The lyrics are very solid too. It’s hard to say what the album’s going to sound like with these being two pretty diverse sounding tracks, but two very good tracks so I’m sure it’ll be good. Like a lot of people out there (I’d imagine), I really want to be surprised by their new album, in the sense that I want to have enormously high expectations and I want them to be shattered (in a good way). This isn’t fair at all, so right now I’m just glad there’s something tangible out there, other than the very brief snippets that previously consisted of all the new material out there to hear. I’m hoping for the best, and with these two tracks out there, I think I have good reason to.


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