Jealousy and Happiness: o0Oo0Oo by Oberhofer

In Album Reviews, New England, Worldwide on June 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm

While attempting to find some good quality downloads by oOoOO (who has put a few bits out on Disaro, but which have all sold out quick-smart) I stumbled across the Brooklyn based Oberhofer. This kid, born in the 1990s (Jealousy), has had such demand for his EP (the aforementioned o0Oo0Oo) that he’s put it up for free download here.

The opener, ‘Dead Girls Dance’,  has a guitar riff reminiscent of ‘Lemonade’ or ‘Liver and Tan’ by Braids and is an introduction of sorts to Oberhofer’s sound, though it didn’t stand out particularly. However the two songs that follow, ‘Away FRM U’ and ‘I Could Go’ GRABBED me and didn’t let up. They have the energy and ear-worm riffs of Titus Andronicus but the sensibilities of so many of the ‘chill-wave’ bands doing the rounds.

‘Landline’ is the punkiest of the lot, while ‘Gold’ has a fantastically catchy and jumpy chorus, although Oberhofer meanders around a bit to much towards the end of the track for me. ‘Haus’ has a jumped-up pop riff that sounds like it’s being played under water before desperately teenage romanticism floods your ears; ‘I wanna build a house with you /a home/ so we can be alone’. The final track ‘o0Oo0Oo’ starts off as a delicate number – think Panda Bear singing over lo-fi Beach House, before the tempo moves up, though the hook stays firmly lodged in your ear.

The EP as a whole has ups and downs, and while it is true Oberhofer tends to shine when condensing his ideas into shorter songs, there is enough on display here to give me a real longing for more and more live. (Happiness)

Oberhofer does have a few gigs lined up over June and July in Brooklyn, NY – so if you’re in the area, I would LOVE to know what his live show is like.


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