Youth And Vigor: A Review of Four Eyes’ Debut 7-Inch

In Album Reviews, Celebrate Your Scene, New England on June 8, 2010 at 12:01 am

Four Eyes 7" Front Cover

Four Eyes play some serious jams. Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, these guys play some of the most energetic, catchy, and exciting music coming out of pretty much anywhere. It’s a little mathy, but only in a ‘technically more-than-proficient at their instruments’ sense, not a ‘playing in weird time signatures for the sake of playing in weird time signatures’ sense. It’s also a little punk, in the best way possible (a Jay Reatard/No Age/Male Bonding kinda way). They tear through songs that could almost be written by Teenage Cool Kids, and they are bursting with youth and vigor.

My introduction to them was sitting in Arnold’s room while he played me two of their songs from their muxtape. Right away I thought that these guys were something special. One is always a little skeptical when you are told that a friend’s band is great. I mean, we are all a little biased towards people we like, so when your friend is in a band, it’s hard not to think they’re awesome. But this is just not the case with Four Eyes.

After listening to the opener, ‘City Feeling’, I was already trying to wrap my head around how good this band is. Everything about this song is great. The sound of the guitar is exactly what I would want it to sound like, and the drumming too. The sound of the snare is perfect. Crisp but full. The singing is flawless, emotionally resonating but it also maintains a distance that might be off-putting if it didn’t seem so earnest. But this is all true of every song on the record. The second song, ‘Anchor Home’ is also a highlight of this front to back phenomenal record. The intro guitar is catchy-as-hell and the singing really brings it home. ‘Older You Get’, the third track, is more of the same, not exactly in sound but in that every aspect of the song is great. The last two tracks (‘Tough Shit’ and ‘Will’s Dead Body’, tracks four and five, respectively) were new to me when I picked up the debut seven inch from Four Eyes, but I have come to regard them just as highly as the previous three.
Lyrically and musically, this band is leagues ahead of most of the other bands I’ve heard playing this type of punk/indie rock. The songs are well thought out and are developed into tight, concise, and fun songs. This is house show music, where the audience is circled around the band, and everyone is drenched in sweat from the first song on. This band captures something so few records have done, and that is make music that is exciting!. For me, there are only a few releases that this can be said of: both of the Titus Andronicus and Arcade Fire albums, Nothing Hurts by Male Bonding, Colour Revolt’s debut EPRight Now You’re In The Best Of Hands… by Bear vs. SharkBlood Visions by Jay Reatard, Reinventing Axl Rose by Against Me!, and a handful of other semi-recent releases. From the moment ‘City Feeling’ really kicks in, about ten seconds in, I get a feeling of genuine excitement. And this feeling holds for all five songs on this way-too-short release, which clocks in at less than 9 minutes! This is the kind of band you want your friends to be in.
You can purchase their five-song debut 7″ for only $5, shipping included, by contacting the band (info here). They’ve been playing around Massachusetts mostly, including an upcoming show on July 1st at Great Scott in Allston, MA with Girlfriends and Doom Star! (it’s 18+, sorry kids). According to Nicolas M. of Four Eyes, who I spoke to via e-mail, the band is coming to New York in June and again August and I’m definitely excited for that. When? Not sure yet, but I’ll be sure to post the information as soon as I know it. As well, they’ve got a new release coming out sometime in the near future. More on that later. Until then, enjoy the first two songs from their debut 7″, ‘City Feeling’ and ‘Anchor Home’, below.

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