DWNLD These: Ibro Diabate and S. E. Rogie

In Choice Cuts, Worldwide on June 14, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Two albums for you here. The first is a collection of some of S. E. Rogie’s finest palm wine guitar, and it’s one I’ve been meaning to upload since I got it. A guitarist or ‘serious’ artist he is not, but Rogie sure does know a soothing melody, and while not much changes throughout the record, try and let yourself be seduced by the gentle sounds and even gentler humour of Rogie.

The second record is one that all too rapidly has become something of a ‘great’ in my mind. Ibro Diabate combines the melodies and backing vocals of Salif Keita, the rhythm of Habib Koite and the uplift of Bassekou Kouyaté.

Think of these as peace offerings to the Gods to stop the rain on Blighty. Perhaps if we all listen to these and fill our hearts and ears with the sound of summer dancing, then summer dancing will come to us.

Download Ibro Diabate Here

Download S.E Rogie Here

  1. Thanks so much for these. I fell in love with Rogie when I heard Ry Cooder talking about him in a radio interview (long before CDs and MP3s). I finally tracked down the LP at a mail-order company in rural NY that specialized in obscure / foreign records. Great stuff.

    • I’m so glad someone appreciates these as well!
      I’m gonna get back to posting some of this stuff up once I’m done with this intense phase of interviews we’ve got lined up. We use the ‘Chimurenga’ tag for this type of music, click it and it’ll bring you to all our posts like this. Most don’t have albums posted, but that’s something we’ve started doing if the album is out of print/difficult to get hold of….thank you for dropping by!x

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