New Music Coming from New Jersey and Underwater Peoples

In Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, New Jersey on June 17, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Big things coming from New Jersey and Jersey-based label Underwater Peoples. Matt Mondanile of Real Estate, who Steve saw perform recently, has put out numerous hazy jams as Ducktails. Just scroll down and look at his discography. Enough releases to keep you busy for, well, a long time. And to add to that rap-sheet, he’s got SIX upcoming releases. WOAH. So what can we expect? More excellent jams, I’m sure. He’s got a split LP with Dracula Lewis coming out on No Fun Productions; a ‘Live on WFMU‘ LP coming out on Inflated Records; a new seven-inch called, and featuring the fantastic song, ‘Mirror Image’, which is coming out on SHDWPLY Records; yet another seven-inch coming out on his own Olde English Spelling Bee; a full length album entitled LP III Arcade Dynamics, which is coming out on the always great Woodsist; and finally “a new tape by Ravi Binning called In the City of Mimes,” which is coming out on Future Sound. Finally, he and Julian Lynch (along with 10 other artists) appear on a compilation of Neil Young covers created to raise money to help a friend, J.M.W., pay his medical bills. Check out more info and pick up the pretty limited LP from ‘A Fundamental Experiment’. Matt’s got a few shows coming up, including some in New York City. Full tour dates at the bottom and a fairly rediculous unofficial video for ‘Mirror Image’, below.

Julian Lynch is also a man of many releases. And thus far, I’ve loved them all. He’s putting out a seven-inch with ‘Droplet On A Hot Stone’ and ‘Nen Vole’ on Underwater Peoples and a full length, entitled Mare, on Olde English Spelling Bee. You can pre-order both at the label sites, but he is also selling the LP from his own site. Get even more Julian Lynch (and stuff he likes) at his bandcamp site and his Tumblr blog. Julian Lynch has a few upcoming shows, including some with Ducktails, Andrew Cedermark, Family Portrait, and Fluffy Lumbers. Full dates at the bottom.

Thirdly, former Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark has a few releases out and coming out soon. He’s been featured on a few compilations, including the first two Underwater Peoples and Wild Animal Kingdom comps, but he’s also got a few releases of his own. His first physical release (under his own name that is, as he has previously recorded under the names Witch Elms and Mighty Oak) was a cassette compilation of two of his EPs. It released in the summer of 2009 by Tiller Tapes and is now sold out. He also released a split 7-inch with Family Portrait on Underwater Peoples. More recently he has released a split cassette with Drunk Tigers on Funny/Not Funny. He’s got two scheduled upcoming releases. The first is another split 7-inch, this time with Expensive Looks coming out July 2010 on Infinite Best (who have also released music by Twin Sister). Then in August, he will be releasing his debut LP on Underwater Peoples. I’m very very excited for the album especially. Every song of his that I’ve heard, I’ve come to love, especially ‘Hard Livin’ (from the Family Portrait split) and ‘Moon Deluxe’ (from the upcoming LP). He’s also got a few upcoming shows, so check the dates below and see him if at all possible.

Finally, Family Portrait are the featured band on the 5th edition of The Curatorial Club. Read more about it here, and be sure pick up the sure-to-be intriguing tape while you’re at it.

Fri 6/18 – DUCKTAILSWILD NOTHINGVELVET DAVENPORTWOODSMAN @ Monster Island Basement (127 River Street @ Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY) | $TBA | 8PM

Fri 6/18 – ANDREW CEDERMARK / ETERNAL SUMMERS / FAMILY TREE / GREENLAND @ Tea Bazaar (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Fri 6/25 – FAMILY PORTRAIT (11:15pm-12am) / COASTING (10:30pm-11pm) / FLUFFY LUMBERS (9:45pm-10:15pm) / BERMUDA BONNIE (9pm-9:30pm) @ Matchless (557 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) | $TBA | 21+


Fri 7/16 – FLUFFY LUMBERS / JULIAN LYNCH / BIG TROUBLES / FAMILY PORTRAIT @ Pianos (158 Ludlow Street, Manhattan, NY) | $TBA | 21+

Fri 7/23 – FAMILY PORTRAIT / JULIAN LYNCH @ Wayne Firehouse (97 Parish Drive, Wayne, NJ)

Mon 7/26 – DUCKTAILS @ Whartscape Festival in Baltimore, MD

Sat 7/31 – DUCKTAILSJULIAN LYNCH @ Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) | $TBA | 21+

Fri 8/06 – FLUFFY LUMBERSJULIAN LYNCH @ Maxwell’s (1039 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ) | $TBA



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