Wash Out to Dance Out: Cherry Chapstick

In Choice Cuts, Montréal on July 4, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Summer’s in full swing, no doubt about that, but do you ever feel somewhat ‘trapped’ on a summer Sunday? Sure, the weather’s great and the barbecue rocks, but Monday must always follow Sunday… Montréal based Cherry Chapstick capture that feeling perfectly on their new single ‘The Line’.

With a drivin’-summer-time beat and pitch-perfect festival synths all should be well, but hazy and melancholic sounding vocals pull you away from The Dance and towards The Nap. Though it is a very infectious nap.

Download ‘The Line’ here. As a BONUS Cherry Chapstick have packaged it with their FANTASTIC re-imagining of the Silly Kissers ‘Precious Necklace’ for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Head over to their myspace to see a list of upcoming gigs in Canada.

  1. Here’s the video for the Line if you’re interested!! Thanks!

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