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This sucks, sooo much. According to ‘brettwagg’ on the WeirdCanada board,

The cops shut us down. Threats of getting the fire dept to lock the door and evict us because we are not supposed to live there, or a fine of $100 per person in the building (200 ppl at a show = $20,000 fine). They said “no more, this is over”. We all have to move.

This is just terrible news. For the venue, the people who lived there, and the whole Montreal music community. Some of the best, in fact possibly even THE best shows I’ve ever seen have been at Friendship Cove. The shows were cheap (nothing over $12 but usually under $10 or $pay-what-you-can). I have very fond memories of hanging out between bands on the roof, looking at the Montreal skyline, especially the ‘Five Roses’ sign. And all the show flyers (lots of AIDS Wolf stuff). The merch table in the front selling tapes. The VHS and video game collection upstairs. I remember one time the show Dexter was on upstairs. Lots and lots of good times.

There’s no doubt that Friendship Cove meant a lot to a lot of people. Bands from all over the world came to Montreal and played there. And whenever I would see a real raucous band (like Turbo Fruits) somewhere else, I would think to myself, ‘at Friendship Cove, this band would ruuule’. What made it so special was that people at Friendship Cove were there to see music but they were there, maybe more importantly, to have fun. (Fact: Arnold once kicked their chandelier while crowd surfing.) Every band that I saw there was great, which is part band, part atmosphere. Some of the highlights were the Tonstartssbandht shows, the unreal Wavves show, and the legendary Silly Kissers/Makeout Videotape/Homo Cops/RatTail/High Rise II  show. I never experienced one moment there (besides a certain writer for Midday Procrastination eating onions that were left on the kitchen table upstairs) where I thought: ‘What a dick!’ which I can’t say of many other venues. So it hurts to see that Friendship Cove got shut down, for-probably-ever. I’m genuinely pretty sad about this. Hopefully something good comes of this and the people who were living there end up alright. Let’s hope for the best. For now, all shows there will likely be rescheduled so check the shows & events page and we’ll try to find out where the shows are being moved to, if at all. This video kind of sums it up, enjoy.

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