Download Pepepiano’s ‘No Way’

In Choice Cuts, New Jersey on July 23, 2010 at 11:17 pm

Free single from their Bandcamp. Awesome waves of warm synth lapse into jerky boy-girl 21st century pop. Definitely worth the download.

“cut my finger cuz i want blood
yeah im drunk stepping in a flash flood
get that **** holy money honey
it’s bout time, bout time

maniac mechanics boasting false teeth for the lepers
they’re hysterically endowed, infectious blue eggs for the oil men
epileptic slober in the champagne of your mothers
the water’s turning purple please tell me that we’re okay

cars like no way
drugs like no way
girls like no way
sex like maybe but okay
im gone like no way no more no way
drop that fucking cosmic bass like no way

no way, no way
so gone, so gone
Did I go blind or did i swallow the sun”



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