Idiot Glee EP brings us ‘post doo-wop’. Sigh. (It’s actually good though).

In Celebrate Your Scene, Choice Cuts, Worldwide on August 17, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Kentucky based Idiot Glee describes his music as post doo-wop. When you listen to his songs it does sort of make sense. But still, c’mon, seriously…

Nevertheless, I’m prepared to overlook that little quip because each one of the tracks on this debut EP have a stripped back, minimalistic quality to them that allows his gorgeous melancholic baritone voice to envelop and flesh out the sound. With harmony that recalls Robin Pecknold an’ his boys and a power that refracts Diamond Rings through a reverb pedal his voice is perfectly complimentary to the music. Make no mistake though, while his voice is the most prominent feautre of these songs, they are not folk revivalist ditties, but late summer synth-folk-beauty-ditties (hey, he got away with post doo-wop), with, yes, that doo-wop drive.

Idiot Glee’s upcoming LP ‘All Packed Up/Don’t Drink the Water’ will be released by Moshi Moshi on 4 October, until then, you can listen to, and download, his EP from his bandcamp here, and it really is worth the $2.


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