Stream GOLD PANDA’s debut – ‘Lucky Shiner’

In Celebrate Your Scene, London and the UK on September 7, 2010 at 2:01 pm

I’m eight tracks in and Gold Panda‘s debut Lucky Shiner is really doing it for me. It’s one of the more creative albums (already!) that I’ve heard of recent. Made up of electric, electronic, and acoustic elements along with eeeerie vocal samples, a driving beat and strong melody. This is reminiscent of Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue, at least in the eclectic instrumentation and overall skill as a producer. This is often a little more dance-oriented than Bibio’s album, which, with the recent kick I’ve been having with stuff like Joy Orbison (‘Hyph Mngo‘ killllls it, please listen to that) and D/R/U/G/S’ ‘Love (Love/Lust)‘, I’m very okay with that aim.

As of now, he has no shows planned for Montreal, but keep an eye out because that’s not something you are going to want to miss. Stream Lucky Shiner here, and enjoy!

EDIT: It even pulls a ‘Suburbs’-esque booking-ending the album, this time with the song ‘You’ (album opener posted above). The second one is a bit shorter but in a way I think I may like it more. It’s more atmospheric and the use of the ‘YOOUUUUU’ sample is a great fit second time around. This is a very good album.


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