Bar St Laurent 2 SOLD – all shows scheduled there have been cancelled (at least one moved)

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We just got this message from David Mitchell referring to the status of Bar St Laurent 2 and the CASPIAN / THISQUIETARMY / EARLY TRANSCEDENTALS show scheduled to take place there September 18th.


I got a message two nights ago from the bar manager at Bar St Laurent 2 saying the bar has been sold without notifying himself or anyone else with upcoming bookings and as a result all upcoming bookings at Bar St Laurent 2 are cancelled, including this one.

This is very unfortunate news but luckily the nice people at the LOFT FROM HELL (who have previously hosted CASPIAN label mates JUNIUS among many others) have offered their space for the show. The Loft From Hell is located in St Henri at 639 – D St Remi and is a 5 minute walk from Place St Henri or Vendome metro. Here are directions from Place St Henri:

1. Head northeast on Rue Saint Jacques toward Rue Saint Ferdinand
2. Turn right at Rue du Couvent
3. Turn right at Rue Notre-Dame O
4. Turn right at Rue Saint Rémi
Destination will be on the right

There will be signs from Notre Dame/St Remi directing to the venue in case of any confusion.

Please note that THIS IS NOW AN EARLY(ish) SHOW with an 11pm curfew (no need to worry about missing that last metro and plently of time to enjoy your Saturday night post concert). Doors are at 8:30 and I strongly encourage you to arrive around that time if you can. Here are the set times for the night:

THISQUIETARMY :: 9:30 – 10:00
CASPIAN :: 10:10 – 11:00

On behalf of all the bands we hope you still decide to come out next Saturday despite the venue change. Please feel free to call me at (514 919 3536) or message me here with any questions or concerns.



This is sad. I’ve never been to Bar St Laurent 2 but they had a bunch of really good shows booked (including this one, even though it minorly conflicts with our show). This is yet another example of Montreal venues going out of commission (Friendship Cove, Green Room, and Lab Synthese, to name a few). Hopefully it works out for the best.

Speaking of shows in Montreal, a few good upcoming shows:

Yet another missed opportunity for me to see Beach House. That’s at least three. It kinda hurts.

I’m just getting into The Do but I like what I hear so far. Braids are pretty much one of my favorite bands, so even though I don’t think I’ll be going to this, I’m sure it’s gonna be a great show.

Noise noise noise noise noise noise noise noise. Noise. It’s gonna be noisy, if you weren’t sure. But it’s probably also gonna be really good.

A whole lot more good stuff coming up later this month and the rest of the year. Pop Montreal? GONNA BE SICK.

  1. haha, that explains why after a very long walk up Rue St-Laurent, we arrived tehre to find a very closed bar! Live and learn!

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