TONIGHT: Braids / D’Eon / Gobble Gobble / DJ Cadence Weapon @ La Brique

In Canada, Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, Montréal on September 17, 2010 at 8:30 pm

EXCITEMENT! Braids, D’Eon, Gobble Gobble, and DJ Cadence Weapon are gonna be playing a show in Montreal tonight. According to ‘GBL GBL’s Mobile Rave Minitour 2010’ it’s at a place called ‘La Brique’ (check shows and events page for the address). It promises to be one of the better shows in recent history. Braids are always excellent, especially live. D’Eon impressed a lot of people (myself included) at the recent Arbutus show at Eastern Bloc. Gobble Gobble are just a grrreat time. And a DJ set by Cadence Weapon sounds verry promising. You truly don’t want to miss this (unless you absolutely have to). So hopefully I’ll see you there. Below are a few tracks worth inspiring you to come to the show.




  1. […] like established grandparents to some of the city’s newer acts. In fact, they are the most tagged band on this very blog. It therefore surprises some to learn that they have not released a full-length […]

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