‘Life’s too short to be so worried’

In Album Reviews, Celebrate Your Scene, Song Reviews, Worldwide on September 20, 2010 at 1:15 pm

I meant to post this the other day but today I was kindly reminded by the melody floating through my head to do so now. The always excellent Delicious Scopitone posted it originally a little ways back and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. This truly awesome song is called ‘Time’ and the name of the band is Selebrities. It comes from an EP entitled Ladies Man Effect, which is full of these kind of musical gems. ‘Time’, especially, is better than nearly any other song of this so-called ‘Eighties pop revivalism’ that has emerged of late and this because it has a killer melody, interesting and cohesive music, and very thoughtful lyrics. And it’s not just pure nostalgia. But regardless of the age in which they find their inspiration, Selebrities manage to not only pull off great ‘pop’ songs, but these are the examples of great pop songs. Each song on the EP has its merits. Sometimes it’s the synths or the guitars or the bass or the drums or the singing, and sometimes, even, it’s everything, as is the case with ‘Time’. Click the picture below to check out ‘Time’ and ‘The Moonlight’ (thanks to Delicious Scopitone).


You can download their EP, Ladies Man Effect for free from them here. Enjoy.


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