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In Choice Cuts, Song Reviews, Worldwide on September 23, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Whaddup kids. The boys running this joint asked me to bring my talents to their website, and I’ve
happily obliged. I’m going to jump right into the action and recommend a few cuts that I’ve been
digging lately, along with some colorful comments and fun facts.

Download ‘Runaway ft. Nas’ HERE

Some dude named Big Z who remixes songs got to work on the track that Kanye premiered at the
VMAs, and, lucky me, mashed that shit up very cleanly with “Life’s a Bitch” from Nas (a track one of
your Midday Procrastination founders has used in recordings himself- get him to show it to you one
time), a classic track off one of the best hip hop albums of all time (that’s my opinion, but it’s also a
goddamn fact).

Calm Down Pt. 3 – AC Slater

This track is the third and final part of producer/beatmaster extraordinaire AC Slater’s Calm Down
trilogy, a short anthology of electronic songs that instruct you to do just what its title suggest. Pt.
3, subtitled A New Beginning, is the best of the bunch sonically, although the previous two have
significantly better full names.

Jay Electronica – Act II Preview

And finally, for this entry, a little preview for probably my most anticipated record for the rest of
the year, the enigmatic Jay Electronica’s Act II. A sequel to, logically, Act I, which featured heavy
sampling from the soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Act II has been floating
around for some time now. Apparently Jay Elec claimed recently that it was going to finally drop on
his birthday…which was September 19th, several days ago. So who knows? But anyway, I can’t implore
you enough to check out Act I, check out Exhibits A-C, and check out every thing this guy has ever
done. After you get hooked and have to go withdrawal while he procrastinates/frets a little more, check
out this very nicely made preview. More (probably much, much more) to come as soon as soon as we
hear more.

EDITORS NOTE: This is the same Ethan that wrote that excellent review of The National’s show at Radio City Music Hall, as well as other quality pieces of music journalism. He is now going to be a main contributor to this site. He hails from New Jersey (like Matt) but is based at the University of Maryland.


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