Sufjan’s Kid A?

In Album Reviews, Worldwide on September 29, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz

I’ve always appreciated Sufjan Stevens but never dug him as much as it seemed everyone else. When I saw that his new album, Age of Adz, had found its way onto the good old internet, I nabbed it and got to listening, but more out of the feeling of obligation than anything. I felt like, well, it was one of the big record releases of the year, and as someone who fancies himself something of a music aficionado I should probably check it out. To make a short story even shorter, the record is incredible, and I now consider myself a big fan. I saw some commenter on a music website describe it as Sufjan Steven’s Kid A, probably partially due to his quality and partially due to the influx of electronic instrumentation in comparison to his previous albums. The comparison is definitely apt-while the record isn’t as big a departure from his previous records as Kid A was from OK Computer (don’t let people freak you out talking about the electronic aspects, this is pretty much the same Sufjan as before), but the record is 100 percent quality. Every song is quality, including a final 25 minute piece that’s more of an experience than anything. I implore anyone and everyone to check it out- you can stream this over at NPR, or, I’m sure, download it illegally at via your method of choice. It comes out in the real world on October 12.


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