New Gospels Mixtape: ‘blood stains on my white tee’

In Celebrate Your Scene, Choice Cuts, Song Reviews on October 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm


Gospels - 'blood stains on my white tee' MIXTAPE


Remember like a month ago, we had a show/party? Gospels, Memorials, and Sunny Blondes were supposed to play? Well, unfortunately Taras, who records and performs music under the name Gospels, got reaaally sick and couldn’t make it. BUMMER-CITY. Well, luckily, he’s feeling better now and he has a treat for us: a new mixtape for October 2010 entitled ‘blood stains on my white tee’. It’s made up some serious jams, including some original, and a little choppin & screwin. It’s dark. It’s beautiful. Basically, it’s awesome. You can listen to it below, and please do. It’s the soundtrack to a night-in. And with this completely absurd weather of late (only to get more so, most likely…) there’s nothing wrong with curlin up on the couch and puttin on the new Gospels mixtape.

He’s got some shows coming up in Brooklyn and he’s planning a tour in the winter in which he’s gonna absolutely be playing in Montreal, so I’ll be sure to keep ya updated on it.

Taras also co-runs an excellent label called Hand Rolled Gold. Listen to more of his stuff here. Full length LP, entitled Frames of Reference coming out November 15, 2010. Interview and more tracks coming soon.


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