Jazzy Grooves for Your Study Blues

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 3:13 pm

If you go to McGill like us Midday Procrastinators, you’re probably in the thick of midterm hell right now. If there is a time when procrastinating just can’t happen it’s got to be now, but no need to despair because I’ve hit on the best thing for studying since the discovery of caffeine: jazz.

For your long, hard-fought battles with the books over the next couple weeks:

1. NPR’s ‘Take Five’ weekly jazz sampler. If you don’t know much about jazz besides ‘it sounds pretty cool’ or you just want to revisit some of the classics put this on. I really couldn’t say enough about how much NPR has stepped up their selection in the past year or so, and jazz is no exception. The tunes are interesting enough to hold your attention if the situation is right, but when you really need to work they can just sort of melt into the background and provide some much needed rhythm to keep you moving through your notes.

2.Club D‘Elf on This is especially good for the study marathons

and the epic cram sessions. Club D’Elf is a dub-psych-jazz band (whatever that means) from Boston that has had a seemingly endless (the link is to their 10th anniversary show) residency at the Lizard Lounge. A combination of progressive instrumentation, funky drumming, and masterful improvisation make Club D’Elf a great listen for any day. Even though I’ve been listening to them for years, I have yet to find a band that is able to groove as well as they do. The thing that makes them great to study to though is that when they get into it, they really just keep going forever. With runtimes of well over two hours of rambley, shifting rhythms and melodies, you really can’t beat Club D’Elf when it comes to keeping you company on a long library trip.

Happy Groovin’–


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