Girls are great (the band, that is)

In Choice Cuts, Song Reviews, Worldwide on October 27, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Girls - Broken Dreams Club

No joke though, the new song, ‘Heartbreaker’, by San Francisco’s summer-dream band Girls is goood. It’s off their soon to be released (November 11th, specifically) EP entitled Broken Dreams Club, and I’m EXCITED! The songwriting is just about as good as anything off their debut Album, and musically it’s classsic Girls. Strum of the acoustic, simple but bouncy rhythm, and your standard Christopher Owens singing. A little tambourine action, as well. In some ways it sounds more full while also maintaining the sparse feel that helped to make them so endearing. The lyrics are also pretty classic Girls. He knew he loved her right away. He knew she would break his heart. Nooo problem. It’s not bitter, it’s actually kind of sweet. Take a listen and download this gem of a tune below, and be sure to pick up the 12″ or CD or mp3s from True Panther HERE. Enjoy.

Girls – ‘Heartbreaker’


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