No drums no hooks just-

In Choice Cuts, Song Reviews on October 27, 2010 at 4:47 pm

After a long and interesting but rather complicated weekend in the big city (and, unexpectedly, my small town), my mind is relatively clear and some small sliver of motivation has been regained. I’ve realized I haven’t really been fulfilling the duties the founders of this website asked me to perform, so I’m making up for lost time some fresh cuts I’ve been digging lately.

Sugar Water-Sex Beet

Couldn’t find a youtube link or anything for this one, so apparently no one knows anything about these guys. The song is great though, can’t recommend it enough (which is why it’s on this list of songs I recommend). It’s in that vein of very pretty, washed out distorted punky noisy music that’s been coming out recently. I think that description is actually fairly apt despite how stupid it sounds.

New Lupe single finally comes out after much fighting with the record label. Shit samples (sort’ve…inspired by, maybe?) Modest Mouse’s “Float On”. Definitely going to be a big feel good hit.

I stumbled upon this remix by a dude named Komplex online the other day and have been bumping it almost literally ever since. I’ve always been a casual Big L fan, but wasn’t really familiar with this track with a Tupac verse in it. I’ve never been a Tupac guy at all, so it was definitely interesting to hear him in a new context. This guy Komplex somehow brought out the beat from the original song and made it more defined, and it’s goddamn dirty as hell. He also, just for good measure, threw in a verse from Biggie, which features the lovely line “Hail Mary, fuck her/ I never knew her/ I’d probably screw her/throw her body in the sewer”, quite possibly the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard in my life (and I mean that in the best way possible, I think). Big L’s verse kills it at the end, with the some of the usual clever L wordplay. I really do wish I was in the position he was in, “hot rhymin’, diamonds shinin’, autograph signin'”. (I’m coming to the realization that it’s almost impossible to write about rap and not come off as incredibly lame. Oh well.)

I had up to here written since last night and was planning on writing up more- but my motivation has been lost and laziness regained. More to come soonish.


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