Friday Night Lights: CUAYMF and Die Tanz Party!

In Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, Montréal on November 12, 2010 at 2:27 pm

This evening is throwing up a couple of great local loft shows, which can be attended in sequence if you so choose.

Begin the evening with a little analogue loving as Count Us Among Your Many Friends play a secret show at ‘The Lobster Shack’, 127 Prince Arthur East (cross street de Bullion). The show has just moved to the new venue, so if you were previously heading up the Mile End. STOP! The show is totally free, so a great place to pre-drink and catch some live music before the BIG event of the night (keep reading)

The infamous Weezer-(ish), will be opening for CUAYMF, set times below:

  • Weezer-(ish) happen at 10.30
  • CUAYMF headline at 11:15

SO: CUAYMF should finish before midnight, and it is then a 10 minute walk to Die Tanz Party! at 1214 Amherst (just under Saint Catherine). THIS IS GONNA BE A HUGE TIME!

Die Tanz Party is being run by Oren Ratowsky, Val Stip, and Paul Sara, a group of Montréal based DJs, who, tired with some of the constraints of the Montréal club scene, have decided to kick things up a notch by themselves.

They began this year throwing parties like the one above at Vinyl, before outgrowing the capacity and moving up to bigger venues. Unfortunately, bigger is not always better, and the exciting, sweaty, dance-like-no-one-is-watching vibe of their earlier parties was lost. In Oren’s words:

Club 3519 was a terrible experience for us. The club didn’t fit our vibe at all — bottle service, “dress to impress”… I think these things embody what we hate about the club scene.

So, instead, Die Tanz Party is the crew sticking a big two fingers up at stuffy bouncers, over-dressed sluts and booze that’s so expensive you have to sell your own grandma to buy it (Die Tanz is BYOB, of course, but no bottles people). 

Oren summed up the vibe they’re looking for:

What are we trying to do that is different and exciting? I feel that the thing about mixing in clubs, it’s almost limiting to djs. Limiting financially, visually, musically… when you’re booked to a certain club there is a sort of expectation to play tracks in a certain feeling or style. Doing this party gives us the freedom to make the entire night on our terms, to show people our vision of a “night out”… also when you play in clubs you usually don’t control the visual aspects, the overall “vibe”…. we are trying to create a vibe of being completely hypnotized by the music — we want everybody there to be there because they want to hear this music.

‘And Dance the fuck out of the night’ (Midday Procrastination’s editorial addendum).

Set list below:

  • 12 — 1: OREN RATOWSKY
  • 1 — 2: VAL STIP

Check out Oren’s set from their last night at Vinyl for a taste of the evening. Except take it from my personal experience, this will be MUCH BETTER. Dance, sweat, fuck.

SO, there you have it. Start of the night with a little analogue and acoustic loving, and make the 10 minute walk to Die Tanz Party.

Too much fun for one evening? Suck it.

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