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Photo Credit: Louise B.

Not too long ago, I compiled a bunch of songs from Montreal-based bands that I loved for a buddy to get to know the excellence that is the city in which I know reside, and so I made From North Of America Vol. 1. This new volume to the series was put together by Arnold and myself, with kind input from Steve and Ethan, featuring some of our favorite new music coming out of Canada, as of the middle of November, 2010, with a focus on the place some of us like to call home – Montreal. These songs were chosen because we love them. We want you to love them too. Enjoy. [Full Disclaimer – mattmaynj plays bass guitar in ‘Count Us Among Your Many Friends’].


1. Homosexual Cops – ‘Why Do You Cry (Is It For Me)?’

2. Ultrathin – ‘Hazy Palms’

3. Devon Welsh – ‘Austin’

4. Long Long Long – ‘Cuba Gooding Jr.’

5. Pop Winds – ‘Perennial’

6. Blue Hawaii – ‘Blue Gowns’

7. Grimes – ‘Weregild’

8. D’EON – ‘Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand’

9. Diamond Rings – ‘All Yr Songs’

10. GOBBLE GOBBLE – ‘Lawn Knives’

11. Dead Wife – ‘Gentlemen Rapist’

12. Tonstartssbandht – ‘Shot To La Parc’

13. Count Us Among Your Many Friends – ‘Bell The Arrow’

14. Ismism – ‘Ananhedonialess’

15. Homo Duplex – ‘Winter Splinter’

16. Banana Lazuli – ‘Beans beans beans’

17. VILIFY – ‘Fresh Kill (abridged by Naldino)’

18. Sean Nicholas Savage – ‘Disco Dancing’


-All the bands and labels that continue to make and put out music we love.

-All the venues that let bands we love play and people we love congregate.

-All the blogs and sites that continue to post music we love.

-All our friends, whom we love.

-All our enemies, whom we love.

-You, whom we certainly love.

DOWNLOAD From North Of America Vol. 2 – Montreal And More

  1. […] a few days ago Montreal’s very own Blue Hawaii (who were just recently featured on very our From North Of America Vol. 2 compilation) got added to the bill and though in a way it was a bit of a surprise, more and more I feel that it […]

  2. […] consider myself a(n embarrassingly) huge fan. “Cuba Gooding Jr.” was posted on our From North Of America Vol 2 compilation and it stands out as one of my absolute favorite songs. So siked to see them […]

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