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This is a big one. First off, I love No Age. I have incredibly fond memories of seeing them play at Brooklyn Bowl two summers ago with (quite literally along playing with) Dan Deacon and Deerhunter. That round-robin show still holds as one of the best I’ve ever seen. Me and three friends got to the venue early afternoon and ended up waiting outside until something like 11pm or so just to get in (to be fair, it’s not that we’re such die-hard fans, it’s that the show got moved from an outdoor stage to a limited capacity bar/bowling alley because the poor weather, and so there was a lot of bullshit and the show got pushed back many, many, many, many hours – including the fact that we saw the second of two sets played). We stood restlessly through three very mediocre openers. Then Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age came on and things got verrry serious, very fast. Basically, it’s three bands you want to see together, playing together. Dan Deacon made ya dance, No Age got ya riled up, and then Deerhunter helped relax everybody for about 5-10 minutes until things lost control again. So much fun. Too much fun. Basically, I’m very excited to see No Age again. And not just because I know they’re awesome live, but because their new album, Everything In Between, is one of my favorite albums of the year and because their debut LP, Nouns, is one of my favorite albums to come out in recent history. They both are full of energy while being experimental enough to make re-listening not just fun but interesting. The newest album is a little more downtempo but the songwriting is just as good as anything they’ve done. The first two tracks, ‘Life Prowler’ and ‘Glitter’ are incredible songs. The guitar lines are top-notch. The drumming and singing are full of passion. The lyrics are good as always. On Nouns I always loved the refrain from ‘Sleeper Hold’ that repeats, “with passion it’s true” and on this album the line that sticks out most for me is off ‘Glitter’ and it goes: “I don’t fear nothing, unless it’s broke.” These guys are super positive and have stuck by their chosen lifestyle of veganism, skate-culture, and DIY music-making-and-playing in the face of an often negative and defeatist music culture. I respect them incredibly. Check out them playing of my favorite songs from their new album, ‘Life Prowler’, below and come see them tonight at La Sala Rossa for $18.

My knowledge of Lucky Dragons is limited unfortunately but they’ve got some songs I can totally get behind. They, like No Age, are from LA and they also have lotsa energy and a seemingly endless supply of creativity but it comes off in a lot more experimental-based way. The song structures are a lot more fragmented and all over the place at times, but I can very often feel what they’re doing and most of the time they do it real well. Live this is gonna be super interesting (and fun!), I’m sure.

Just a few days ago Montreal’s very own Blue Hawaii (who were just recently featured on very our From North Of America Vol. 2 compilation) got added to the bill and though in a way it was a bit of a surprise, more and more I feel that it was a good (maybe even great!) decision. For one thing, Blue Hawaii are excellent. Live or on record they are exciting and entertaining. Blooming Summer, which came out semi-recently on Arbutus Records (like so many good things), is full of beautiful synth-pop gems. Though their music is lower energy than No Age and more pop oriented than Lucky Dragons, they actually will fit quite nicely with both bands. It’s mellow stuff but it’s got a great sense of rhythm and melody that No Age also do quite well as and it’s just ‘off’ enough to put a bit of an edge on their songs that both No Age and Lucky Dragons have done.

In the end, it’s just going to be good to see one of my favorite local bands play and the show capped off by one of my favorite bands. Hopefully you can make it out to this awesome show tonight. If so, enjoy!


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