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These are big times in the music world. Kanye’s album? HUGE! 10.0 huge. The past few days have seen the release of some great music, so here’s a little sampling featuring some favorites (GOBBLE GOBBLE, Destroyer, Atlas Sound) as well as the unfamiliar (The Joe). Also, DID YOU SEE BRAIDS ARE ON THE FRONT COVER THE MIRROR? Nicely done. January 20th. Native Speaker. Big things are coming.


Braids on the cover of the Mirror

So first off, new music from Destroyer! It’s a song called ‘Chinatown’ and it’s from an upcoming album called Kaputt coming out on Merge January 25, 2011. It’s excellent. As probably every review will point out, all the elements should seemingly make it a cheesy song – from the saxophone to the so-called ‘soft-rock’ tendencies. However, those are only things I thought about after reading other people say that, so I feel as though that’s a little unfair. I don’t find it cheesy at all or anything less than great. It’s demonstrative of so much of what makes Dan Bejar an ‘unstoppable wizard’ (according to a pitchfork review of Trouble In Dreams), from the top-notched lyricism to the skilled and unique songwriting. All the elements work and you feel like this is exactly how the song should sound. It’s a very promising first song from a sure-to-be great album. Hopefully more to come from this album soon. I’ve already played ‘Chinatown’ more than a handful of times and I just got it today. Good things.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Destroyer – ‘Chinatown’

Two new Atlas Sound ‘albums’, and by that I’m referring to Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. You can download them both for free from Bradford Cox’s blog. I’m still digging through them but I like what I’ve heard a lot so far. It’s mostly original songs recorded by Bradford Cox at his home, but there are a few covers (Kurt Vile and Bob Dylan). However, the quality is good and his songwriting is solid as always. He played a great show with Broadcast last year and hopefully he’ll use the release of these ‘albums’ as an excuse to properly record one (or at the very least tour with this stuff). Sidenote: new Deerhunter album is great, huh?


Atlas Sound - Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

A few days ago the one and only GOBBLE GOBBLE posted a new 7″ on their tumblr. It features two songs that I recognize as live show staples. The A-side is ‘Wrinklecarver’, a song that almost rivals their song ‘Lawn Knives’ as greatest song ever recorded (exaggeration? maybe…maybe not). The B-side is ‘Nemo’, which is a little less of a jam but still pretty hard not to get excited about. You can download both songs for free and you should buy the actual 7″ (black vinyl, out of 200, coming out on National Archive of Records) and let these guys keep doing what they’re doing. Please.


In other GOBBLE GOBBLE related news, they’ve got a remix of a song by Joe Gurba aka The Joe called ‘Wayward (GOBBLE GOBBLE Remix)’. They’ve done an awesome job, and despite not having heard the original version, I would contend that this will be hard to top. Give it a listen and download from The Joe.

Speaking of The Joe, we received an email from the label that is putting out his full length, Float or Flail (great name, btw), Old Ugly Recording Company. It’s coming out January 14th and he’s pulling a Kanye, putting out a single every week until it drops. The newest one is called ‘Apathy’. At first it was hard to tell exactly what I was listening to. I mean, it’s rap. But it’s got absurd lyrics. Am I supposed to think this is way over-the-top silly? It reminded of me of hearing Das Racist for the first time. At first it’s kind of abrasively ridiculous. But you just relax and don’t worry about how you want to not enjoy it, but then you get 26 seconds in. Turn it off. But then you go back moments later to give it a real chance, and you realize: ‘hmm this is actually kind of awesome.’ And then it hits you, it’s not that it’s silly. It’s just very pop-culture-centric like Das Racist and this seems to come off a bit unnerving and dismiss-able if you’re not listening too carefully. It’s hard to say if this kind of music has much lasting value because of it’s heavy reliance on very current pop culture, but it’s appealing somewhat in one of the ways that Titus Andronicus are appealing for me. Which is that I hear them sing: ‘All the kids in Ridgewood have got cellphones these days’ and I think, “I know Ridgewood! That’s a town right by my hometown! All the kids in Ridgewood do have cellphones these days!” Except instead of one line in a song about a town I know peripherally, it’s a whole song of references to things probably only my generation would recognize. There’s something narcissistic about this kind of music. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. In fact, in this case, it’s actually more than alright.

  1. Yeah! Braids! Gobblex2! THE JOE

    one note to the editor:

    Joe’s label is called “Old Ugly Recording Co.”, not Old Duck.


  2. SLOPPY!! Thanks for pointing that out, must’ve had Duck on the brain…

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