Black Stars and White Stripes

In Choice Cuts, Song Reviews on November 29, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Remember the White Stripes? Saw those motherfuckers on Coney Island in 9th grade, I think, with the Shins. Definitely one of the better concerts of my formative years. The White Stripes were all the rage five or six years ago, pushing the boundaries of old fashioned rock and roll and teaching impressionable youngsters that incest and success weren’t mutually exclusive. Nowadays, Jack White does whatever he does, and Meg just married Patti Smith’s son. What this is leading to is: the dramatically named Adrian Champion dropped an album called Stars and Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined, a collection of remixed White Stripes’ tracks (the stripes) with famous rap verses over them (the stars, and also the inspiration for my borderline politically incorrect title). You never really know what to expect when you hear about these kind’ve projects-they generally have a few good tracks and a lot of duds. This one is actually pretty damn cool though. Every single track seems to work, and the “stars” range from mainstays –like Eminem and Jay-Z to lesser knowns like Pharoahe Monche (get the fuck up!) and, actually, pretty much everyone in between. This joint serves as a pretty good introduction to the White Stripes for hip hop fans, hip hop for White Stripes fans, and most of all is a incredibly nice treat for fans of both. Check out the tracks below for a little taste, and download the whole album for free on Champion’s website.

Pretty explosive opener-after hearing this I had a good feeling about the rest of the album.

My boy Kanye, even though it’s actually his verse off a Dilated Peoples track. Never heard the original song, but the verse is tight.

Cool shit.


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