S’Gucci Time

In Choice Cuts, Worldwide on January 15, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I’ve always been a casual Gucci Mane fan, mainly because it’s occasionally refreshing to listen to someone who’s legitimately and obviously a complete idiot. Over the summer, I also got into the band DOM after hearing their summer banger “Living in America”, reading the main dude’s (is he Dom?) interview on Pitchfork, and catching their set at Coney Island’s Siren Music Festival. When the news circulated around the internet that Gucci and DOM were collaborating on a remix of the aforementioned track, Matty and I went nuts. Eagerly awaiting its arrival, we scoured the internet for the next few months hoping to find a leak or at least some sign we weren’t being duped by a band with an established mischievous streak. I eventually gave up hope. Of course, the only reason this story is being told is because the song was recently released onto the internet. Here it is, on youtube, with perhaps the perfect picture to represent the song. To be honest, it’s not the earth shattering tour de force I thought it would be. Still, take a listen-just because it wasn’t really worth the wait doesn’t mean it’s not worth listening to.

I also really dug this mellow remix of the Gucci classic “My Chain”-it’s probably actually my favorite Gucci song I’ve ever heard. It’s the most listenable, at the very least. There’s no Youtube video of it, so here’s a shout out and a link to one of my favorite blogs, Pigeons and Planes, where I originally heard it.

And, finally, Gucci can’t really be mentioned on the internet anymore without discussing his ice cream cone face tattoo.

I can’t really make any jokes or add any insight that hasn’t been beaten to death on the internet. I say good move for Gucci Mane, but I don’t think I could really pull it off.


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