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In Album Reviews, Worldwide on January 21, 2011 at 12:02 pm


Cloud Nothings played in Montreal the other night with Oberhofer and Intensive Care. I missed it but I bet it was awesome. This guess is made even more sure after listening through Cloud Nothings self-titled LP this morning, thanks to The Fader. It’s not quite what I expected, and I mean that in a good way. I knew very little about Cloud Nothings going into this, except that they’ve gotten pretty hyped up and that their songs “Hey Cool Kid” and “Leave You Forever” were awesome. They don’t appear on this album but what it lacks in those two great songs it makes for in eleven equally great songs. The structure of the songs are punk-ish but couldn’t be called aggressive. Which is okay with me. They’re just fast, and a little ‘sloppy’ but unlike some bands that come into that style of music, the songs seems really well thought out. The music and singing have moments of greatness, though my only real complaint is that they don’t always occur simultaneously. The guitar line in the second track, “Not Important” is, in particular, very good. It’s well complimented by the other elements of the song but it doesn’t quite reach the same levels with the other parts. The singing on that particular song actually reminds of my mid-years in High School listening to Defiance, Ohio and other folk-punk bands. It’s rough and earnest, which is a feeling I get from the whole album. This guy writes always catchy, occasionally bummer, and never boring songs that I don’t know if I’ll be going back to years from now, but I will revisit them a bunch in the near future at least. Here’s to ignoring longevity and just enjoying things for when and what they are.

Matt May


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