In Choice Cuts, Worldwide on January 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm

It’s 2011 and we’re still riding the wave of Mr. West’s non-stop hype-inducing persona. Let’s put it this way, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy can now no longer be just seen as the culmination(/end-all-be-all) of all the bullshit he (and we, the public) went through, but rather it was a Kanye storm-cloud, with so much more approaching (are these over-the-top metaphors getting tiresome yet?). So what is it that we can expect in 2011? If twitter-Kanye is anyone to trust (I trust you, man) then there’s the music video for the masssive ‘All Of The Lights‘ debuting in a week, and unbelievably TWO NEW ALBUMS. The first one is a collaborative effort with Jay-Z called Watch the Throne coming out in March and the other one is a solo effort (with guests a’plenty I’m sure), which is set to come out over the summer. Can he do it? Probably. Will it all be amazing? I HOPE SO.

The first single from the collaboration has been out a little while now. It’s called ‘H.A.M’ and I mean, yeah, it’s awesome. Lex Lugar (over)does it again, but it’s great. It’s epic and though it’s not as immediately grabbing as ‘POWER’ was when that came out last summer it still manages to be highly enjoyable and impressive. It’s enough to get me excited for the rest of this massive collaboration project. Listen to ‘H.A.M’ by clicking the album art above.

So far it’s still too early to preview anything off this summer album, so instead I’ll post the unfinished version of the ‘Monster’ video so if you haven’t seen it you can hopefully flip a shit like I did. Unless I’m mistaken, the final version of this hasn’t surfaced, but point me in the right direction if it exists. Enjoy!

-By Matt May


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