Tonight Jan 30: HOW TO DRESS WELL & GRIMES @ Casa Del Popolo

In Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, Montréal, Worldwide on January 30, 2011 at 8:00 am

How To Dress Well have been building a nice little following lately, with fans from all over the spectrum digging his brand of vaguely lo-fi R&B. It’s dark and moody, which I’ve always found an interesting and effective touch for this style of music. Most music that can be labelled as R&B, and has found it’s way into my ear-path, is smooth, featuring mostly cleaner production and the kind of voice a man like myself wouldn’t mind being able to claim as their own. This is different. (Off the record, I’d settle for Jeff Tweedy’s though. HE’S COMING TO MONTREAL FOLKS!) However, Tom Krell, who’s voice, by the way, is nothing to scoff at, certainly makes music that seems to bridge the gap between the current lo-fi and echoing caverns of reverb scene, in which he has been praised, and the genre that people who listen to the former (myself included) probably settled for thinking was occupied strictly by R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, and guy-girl duets that are seriously hard to seriously listen to (all of which are fun as hell at 2am when you’re just not sober). I’m curious to see what the live set-up is going to be, and I could just youtube it but I think I might just let myself be surprised. To get you in the mood for this evenings on-goings, here’s a mix HTDW just made for The Wire (I may have originally misinterpreted the mix as being inspired by the HBO television series about Baltimore [NSFW folks – no spoilers though!], which got me hyped, but then realized it was the UK magazine, which is still pretty okay). Good times.

Equally, if not more exciting is the fact that Montreal’s Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) will be opening the nearly, if not, sold out show. We’ve talked about Claire‘s amazing music and equally amazing live performances and we’re sure we can expect the same this time around. It’s a great double-feature of incredibly unique and enjoyable music, and I’m just pretty siked to see her play again. She opened for HTDW last night in Toronto, which is prettty exciting! Make sure you get there in time to catch her set. Doors are 8:30pm, show at 9:15pm – do what ya gotta do.


Matt May


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