Libyans Deliver Blistering Punk

In Celebrate Your Scene, New England on January 31, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Boston band Libyans have been delivering some of the most intense punk in the scene since a couple years ago. Naturally, when they released their first album last summer I had completely forgotten about them, but thanks to icoulddietomorrow, I have been reminded. A Common Place is a wave of pure energy the whole way through, and is just about everything I want from a punk album.

First of all, A Common Place gets directly to the point. Its 13 songs together are only 16 minutes long, which is good, because if it were any longer both me and Libyans would probably explode. When I say this album is full of energy, I really mean it. Its fast the whole way through and loud in a way that makes you want to shout, move, and probably break a few things in the process. Its one of those albums that you might not necessarily learn the words to, but you’re probably going to learn all the sounds because to not sing along would just be too much of a shame.

I’ll just let you listen yourself so you understand. Get it from icoulddietomorrow (who seriously deserve a gold star for this in my book), and buy it from Sorry State Records.

-Arnold Kalmbach


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