Calamus Root Magician vs Joanna Newsom

In Album Reviews, New England on February 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm

The newest output from the East Coast’s least-heralded beat/rap entity Calamus Root Magician.

CRM’s albums have consistently patrolled the realm of come-hither DJ-Shadow-esque rips without slipping into same-old-same-old.  Nostalgia meets the overwhelmingly fresh.  The Murthering Stake, the first installment of what CRM is calling the “Dread Contender” series, focuses on Joanna Newsom.  What sets CRM apart from the masses of slack-jawed Newsom enthusiasts is his method and his intentions.  This is no tribute album.  In fact, Newsom’s characteristic yelp/coo/swoon vocals are one of the only things tying this album down to her work.  CRM’s project doesn’t rework Newsom’s, it remakes it.  Also.  Considering the whole project was done with a ripped-straight-from-vinyl/recorded with a mostly-loop-pedal/sampler/old world recording technique (that I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around), you have to marvel at the craftsmanship here.  CRM has done something truly remarkable–he’s captured the rolling, flowing, fleeting character of Newsom’s music and hammered it down in jagged, gripping beats that are almost like experiencing her music for the first time again.



For the full/free album DOWNLOAD, info on other CRM works/the recording process, VISIT THE CRM PAGE.

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