What We’ve Been Neglecting To Tell You

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Get ready.

I’ve been snowed-under (get it?) in work lately. Or at the very least, buried in what I should be doing. So with that being said my show-going/midday-procrastinating has been and will continue to be minimal for the rest of this week. However, don’t let this trick you into thinking there’s nothing good going on in Montreal these days.

First off, ARCADE FIRE WON A GRAMMY??? WOAAH!! That rules. Me, Steve, and Arnold made a pact last year to win a Grammy, even if it means we have to record a children’s album.

Secondly, there has been a ton of good hip-hop coming out that Ethan and I want to share with you all:


I’m a fucking walking paradox – no I’m not’

I’ve been losing my shit to everything Odd Future for a little while now and my interest is only getting more serious as they continue to put out some of the most inventive (and fucked-up) rap music in recent history. Tyler may just be a genius. FREE EARL.


These two songs are excellent examples of why people are losing their minds to Lil B (the Based God). He just put an album called Angel’s Exodus. I don’t love everything he does, and the fact that he also just put out a 676-song mixtape is absurd, but in the case of Lil B, digging through the sand to find these gems is worth it.

c) SQUADDA B – FAKEST YEAR EVER (Prod. By Clams Casino) [To Download, Go Here]

I’d never heard of Squadda B or Clams Casino before this song, but I’ve become a serious fan of both now. The production is outrageously good. The rapping is technically and lyrically great. TOO SHORT THOUGH, COME ON. (Plus, did I hear a Bruce Springsteen reference? I’m sold!)

Thirdly (and finally), this week is ridddled with good shows, here are some of the highlights:

Wed 2/16 – WILD NOTHINGABE VIGODASILLY KISSERS @ La Sala Rossa (4848 St Laurent) | $10adv./$12door

Wild Nothing put out a great album last year, and put on an awesome show over the summer with Ducktails and Velvet Davenport. Abe Vigoda have consistently put out very good albums, though something about their 2008 album Skeleton really does it for me more than the others. [Interview with them coming soon!] Silly Kissers never disappoint in the ‘having a blast’ aspect of show-going. Probably the best show of the week, try to make it if you can.

Thurs 2/17 – WILDERLING / VOSTOK 1 @ Gerts (3480 McTavish) | FREE | 9PM [CKUT’s Thursday’s (A)live]

Wilderling put on a sick show on Friday at O Patro Vys so I’d highly recommend catching them at Gerts this Thursday. Vostok 1 are in the process of making like the first manned space flight and leaping off, so make sure to catch all of the double bill.

Fri 2/18 – BATHSBRAIDSTOBOGGAN @ Il Motore (179 Jean Talon Ouest) |$12adv./$14door

Baths (Will) has done incredibly well for himself lately, and deservedly so. A serious contender for the show of the week.

*Sat 2/19 – AKRON/FAMILYDELICATE STEVE @ Il Motore (179 Jean Talon Ouest) |$13adv./$15door

New Akron/Family album is all kinds of great, and I just can’t imagine them not putting on an absurdly good show.

We’ve been adding a bunch of shows lately, so be sure to check out the Mid-Show List. Enjoy.

P.S. – James Franco, what are you doing???

-By Matt May and Steve Eldon Kerr

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