Signed by Force Hits it Hard

In Celebrate Your Scene, Montréal on March 1, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Stuff is happening over with the Signed by Force people.

Two little thingees:

1) If you like your music riff driven, aggressive, and a bit dirty, 5 year old, Montreal based, Devil Eyes is for you.

They are a ton more fun live (as you might guess from the EP) but as far as I can tell from their facebook page they aren’t playing here any time too soon.

2) Crabe (see the video above) on the other hand are lining up the Montreal shows. Their album Ero Gaki, out since last fall, is one of wickedly broken punk. It almost seems like they’re going for a post-rhythm art punk thing at times with the number of speed changes they do, but then you realize that maybe its all just a game to play with you. I didn’t come out of Ero Gaki with any songs stuck in your head, but in some ways I like that. Their next set is one on Monday March 7th at Il Motore (which I will refer to from now on as The Notorious Wet Towel for its incredible ability to make a crowd think its wrong to have fun at a show). Despite the venue, I plan on going because after missing a huge Crabe set at Death House not too long ago I just don’t feel like waiting until mid-april. Plus, I like the sound of Marnie Stern too. I confess I know nothing about who she is, but the tracks on her myspace are pretty good stuff.


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