Acoustic Africa: Tonight at Club Soda

In Gigs, Worldwide on March 5, 2011 at 1:16 pm

If you’re looking for a way to chill out before Vinyl this evening, consider Acoustic Africa at Club Soda. Oliver Mtukudzi, Habib Koite, and Afel Bokoum will (jointly) take to the stage and run through some absolute classics.

Oliver Mtukudzi (or ‘Tuku’, as they call him in Zimbabwe), is one of my favourite musicians ever. Without understanding more than the odd word of what he says, his voice transcends the confines of the room or theatre. Tuku’s voice always hints at an underlying melancholy, without becoming subsumed by it. Check out the song ‘Raki’ below to understand what I mean.

Tuku will be joined by Malian LEGEND Habib Koite. Mali has a rich and fascinating musical history, one it would take a lifetime to fully explore and appreciate and Habib is one of the many to break on the world stage.

Afel Bokoum is not someone I know too much about. He is also a malian musician (which in my experience tends to end well). Nevertheless, if he’s got to the point in his career where he can share the stage with Tuku and Koite he must be a brilliant musician.

Click here to check out the facebook event, and come join me experience a wonderful night of African guitar music this evening. Then we can get hammered and hit up Vinyl!

– Steve Eldon Kerr


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