Sweat on Saturday: The Elephant in the Room

In Celebrate Your Scene, Montréal on March 5, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Tonight at Vinyl the good folks behind Die Tanz Party are throwing an even bigger bash: The Elephant in the Room. The group threw a series of successful sweaty-ass-dance-partys at Vinyl last year, and are going back to the old haunt for an ultra-big one off. More DJs, more fun, more music.

The event kicks off around 10, though things should start hotting up at 12. Don’t be late though, their last few events filled Vinyl to double the capacity, so don’t be disappointed.

Musically, the night looks to be a mix of all things house and techno, check out Paul’s set from last year to get a feel for some of the funkier sounds we’ll be hearing (actually listen, its got a nice track list).

Set times aren’t confirmed yet, but you can expect to see these guys play:


PAUL SARA (NYC) with some live percussion by Thomas Christensen!





It’s 5 bucks at the door, and 18+, bring ID if you wanna get in.

-Steve Eldon Kerr

ps. The event is in honour of the legendary party Elephant Boo Ma (Booma?). If you haven’t met the beast yet, then you probably should bring your dancing shoes, or that Elephant will boot you sooner than you can say ‘trunk’.


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