In Canada, Celebrate Your Scene, Gigs, Montréal on March 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Midday Procrastination is getting serious, with our third – and possibly final 😦 – show at The Lobster Shack! This one’s gonna top the first two in a biig way. We have not one, and not two, but THREE bands playing! Who’s playing, you ask? Well – LE CHEVALIER, AMONG YOUR MANY FRIENDS (Tim,  Adam “reasonable beard”, Adam “no beard”, and Matt May), and TRADE SECRETS (Taylor, Chris, and Kyle). Below we’ve got more info on the big night at The Shack:

Le Chevalier is a Montreal-via-Massachusetts based musician. His experimental pop music has garnered a lot of well-deserved praise of late, from Swiss, American, Canadian, Russian, and other international critics/blogs/labels/fans/PR companies/etc. His second album ‘Dancer’ is about to come out and he’s coming up to Montreal to play his FIRST EVER SHOW! Check out his music below, and don’t miss the first of what I can only imagine will be many, many great shows!
Among Your Many Friends (or CUAYMF to some of you old-time fans) is the new musical outlet for Tim Beeler, the man who previously gave the world the wonderful musical stylings of The Mighty Fikus and The Crown Vandals (and most recently an awesome solo project called Isle of Pine – It also features myself (Matt May), Adam Nanji (of The Belle Game –, and Adam Finchler (of Rubber Molding & other awesome NJ and Massachusetts bands). They’ve (we’ve) just put out a digital 7″ entitled Holy Roman Almanac, which you can check out below. We’re set to open for TITUS ANDRONICUS (whaaaat?!?!) March 18th at Brandeis University (near Boston) so we’re looking to raise some gas money, but more importantly have a blast playing music with our good buddies! [PS – This time, there actually will be tapes available for cheeaaap!]
Trade Secrets is 3/4 of the Pinkerton cover band that has played at 2 of our shows. They’re made up of Taylor, Chris, and Kyle. This is their first official show under the new line-up (no Arseny, but who cares! AM-I-RIGHT??) and so we look forward to a band well practiced and ready to let it all out on the stage (living room floor). This can only be good things.
The first band is set to go on at 9:30PM (on the dot – pretty much), with the next bands coming on about every 45 (or less or more) minutes. We are asking for $3 or 2-for-$5 so that Among Your Many Friends can make it to Brandeis and so that we can thank Matt C. for coming all the way from Massachusetts to play us his beautiful music. The last shows have been free, and being as this may be the last one (though definitely not the last party) at The Shack, we hope you’ll be willing to chip in a few $$ to support these (us) folks. We’re stoooked!

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